We strive to use advanced dental technology combined with lots of continuing education to make your dental experience as efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. Below is a list of many technologies we are very proud to use to help you achieve better health. There’s more specific information about these technologies further into the website so we invite you to continue browsing. And of course, feel free to contact us if you have specific questions that are not answered within this website.


CEREC: crowns made in one day, start to finish (no more messy, temporary crowns).

CT scan: 3D radiographs (x-rays)-we can see better!

Contrast microscope: What bacteria is in your mouth affecting the rest of the body?

Digital radiographs (x-rays): lower dose of exposure…. That’s a good thing!

Intraoral camera: a picture is worth a thousand words. A great tool when explaining to you.

Endoscope: a tiny camera for gum disease… Hey! We can see now!

TENS unit: relaxes mouth muscles. Physical therapists use this unit all the time… and so do we!

K-7: it’s kind of’ like an EKG used for the heart only this is used for the muscles of the neck, face and shoulders (the TMJ complex).

Invisalign®: computerized orthodontics……amazing clear aligners that work!

Noxturnal: a take-home sleep test to see if you’re grinding and if the tongue falls in the back of your throat while sleeping.

Myofunctional therapy: the tongue plays a vital role in child facial development…. Who knew?

Soft tissue laser: don’t like that “gummy” smile?

Vivos Appliance: stem cell activation…they call it “epigenetics”. Say what?!

MicroO2 sleep appliance: a double-like nightguard for sleep apnea.


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