Dental Microscope

Dr. Janette Carroll utilizes a dental microscope to magnify problematic areas of your mouth and provide you with more precise treatments to improve your oral health. Dental microscopes provide a very clear picture of your mouth, enabling us to see the tiniest details and to provide effective treatments. To schedule an appointment with our skilled dentist, and to learn more about dental microscopes in Mt. Vernon, Washington, call us today at 360-424-0123.

There are many advantages to using a microscope in dental treatments, including:

  • Highly accurate diagnoses
  • The ability to detect even the smallest indications of dental problems
  • The ability to provide earlier and less invasive treatments
  • Minimizing surgical sites
  • Increasing patient comfort during procedures
  • educed recovery time following treatment

Our dentist can perform a wide range of procedures using a microscope, from treating tooth decay and gum disease, to more complex cases. When you visit our office, she will carefully examine the problem area with the microscope to plan your treatment, and then use the microscope to help her perform your procedure with great precision.

For more information about dental microscopes, and to schedule a consultation with our dentist, please contact our office today.