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Do you have slightly chipped or crooked teeth? Are you uncomfortable smiling because some of your teeth are discolored or slightly broken? If so, dental veneers could be a solution for you to consider for your smile.

Veneers are created from thin pieces of porcelain that to go over the front of the teeth you desire and may improve the appearance of your smile. They are strong and can even match the shape and color of your teeth. This could help increase your confidence and your desire to smile more often.

In preparation for veneers, our dentist will remove approximately one millimeter of enamel from the surface of the tooth. An impression can then be taken so that your custom veneer can be made. When the veneer is completed, it will be cemented into place.

Some benefits are:
-You should lose very little tooth enamel
-You may not require any, or very little, sedation
-Veneers can be resistant to staining from foods like tea or coffee

If you would like more information, or believe you could benefit from veneers, contact us at 360-424-0123 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Janette Carroll. We look forward to helping you smile again in our Mt. Vernon, Washington, office.